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What’s in Store for you?

Embrace Real Business Challenges

Enhance your business prowess by tackling substantial real-world challenges, setting yourself apart in the business arena.

Cultivate Valuable Relationships

Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in interactions with teammates and accomplished peers from India's premier B-schools, broadening your connections.

Open Doors to Careers and Internships

Display your ingenuity and forward-thinking concepts to capture the interest of our leaders. This could lead to the possibility of landing Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs), marking the beginning of a journey abundant with opportunities for growth and progress!


31st Aug 2023 - 4th Sep 2023
Online Quiz
5th Sep 2023
Campus Round
19th Sep 2023 - 21st Sep 2023
Cluster Round
26th Sep 2023 - 28th Sep 2023
Grand Finale
12th October